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Beautiful bathroom

Mike did an excellent job installing our shower. It is a garden level bathroom and already had a walk-in shower but really needed this upgrade. It is so beautiful and Mike was meticulous with keeping us informed, doing all the necessary work in a very professional manner and with expertise, he kept our home protected, and cleaned everything up. Thank you!!

Bordner Home Solutions

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Bathroom Remodel

Phenomenal experience from beginning to end! I have to give a HUGE shout out to Tyler Bolton, definitely an A-Team player on your team. His expert craftmanship, professionalism and personality really made this wonderful experience! Thank you for sending your best to help us on our home makeover journey! I would definitely trust Bordner Home Solutions with another home project!

Bordner Home Solutions

Melissa, Wow! Thank you for this incredible review! You know, we do have a great team here, at Bordner Home Solutions, and Tyler is one of those who gives his best every day. We appreciate you writing this review and sharing your experience with everyone. This really makes all of our days. Thanks ag...

Great results

We had a great result with Bordner. I especially liked their drive to power through our tub/shower conversion job despite some unavoidable snow events that threw a temporary monkey wrench into things. But at the end of the day, it's all about the quality of the shower replacement job. Mom loves it! Noah Gordon did our work. He was professional, very skilled, and went out of his way to make sure the project caused minimal disruption to our lives. I would use him again in a second.

Bordner Home Solutions

What a wonderful review, Ronald. We are elated to see your 5-star review. Thanks for taking the time to write this review. Customers like you, make what we do worthwhile. I can't wait to share this with Noah. He will be happy to hear this. Thanks again!

New walk in shower

My experience was really great, they got the job done within the time that they said it was going to me done.

Bordner Home Solutions

I'm excited to hear you had a great experience with us, Norma! Thank you for choosing Bordner Home Solutions for your remodel needs. We look forward to providing excellent services to you the next time you need it.

Second great bathroom remodle

This is the second shower that Michael Williams has done for us and is very easy to work with and displays professionalism in all he does. His attention to detail is outstanding with a desire to insure that we are aware of the choices for placement of shelves and such to make the final product work best for us. Mike went the extra mile to insure that everything went well and suggested how we could complete the surrounding work that results in a great and beautiful remolded bathroom. We were happy with the support for the Bordner team in meeting and solving any concerns we may have had. Mike is a great example of what you would hope for in a person that comes into your home. He takes care to work with you and respects your home and does a great job of leaving the work area clean. Thank again Mike for a job well done. We would look forward to having you in our home again for other projects.

Bordner Home Solutions

Thanks so much for your kind review, Michael really loves what he does and it shows!

Excellent Workmanship by Our Installer

This review is about Neal Turner who installed our shower. Neal has a great work ethic and explained the installation process to us every step of the way. He gave recommendations when needed and went above and beyond the typical installation. He did a beautiful job and was personable and easy to work with. He also cleaned up the area very well and our bathroom was immaculate when he left. Neal supervised 2 other guys who also worked on the shower and they all worked together harmoniously. I would absolutely request Neal Turner for any future projects.

Bordner Home Solutions

Thanks for such a wonderful review, we will make sure to share your sentiments with Neal.

Excellent install!

Excellent! Tyler went above and beyond any of my exceptions. He is very personable, and totally awesome.

Front entry door with screen

The doors are good looking and the installation is great. Cole Simmons did an outstanding job.

Bathroom and doors

I had a bathroom remodel done by Tyler he did an excellent job he Kept me informed made sure what I wanted done. I had 3 outside doors replaced by Hector and his crew which was a Challenge getting them to fit they did an excellent job very pleased with the results. 5 stars for everyone Thank you Susie

Unbelievably disappointing and infuriating

Our experience with Bordner was unbelievably disappointing and infuriating. We worked with a salesperson on our plan, and then every single step of the way after we signed the contract went wrong. We were supposed to be refinishing our kitchen cabinets in a one-week timeline, and instead our kitchen was a construction zone for almost 3 months. So many things went wrong that I have to write them in a bullet list: • The wrong color cabinet finish was ordered. • An entire upper and lower cabinet between our fridge and gas stove was somehow left out of the plans and had to be ordered after the fact. • The pantry was built to the wrong size and had to be redone. • One side of a cabinet was completely missed and they had to come back to do it. • Here's where it gets even worse: Our entire backsplash and granite countertops were removed without our knowledge or permission. This was not in our original plan or what we had signed on for. • The replacement countertop had to be attempted 4 different times — first it broke on the drive over, second time the two pieces didn't match, third time the two pieces STILL didn't match. And when they finally got the majority of it installed, they missed a ledge on one of the side walls and had to come back again. • The backsplash tiles were completely installed in the wrong design and had to be demoed and redone. Not to mention that after that first week, getting a hold of anyone who would consistently communicate with us was difficult and scheduling things was a nightmare. Things would be scheduled without notifying us and we would be out of town or unavailable, extending the timeline ever more. A lot of the work was sloppy and they did a terrible job cleaning up after themselves/protecting the work areas (we're still cleaning up plaster from our front door, living room floor, and cabinets from the backsplash installation). Some exceptions to our terrible experience who deserve a shoutout are Stephen (the first contractor who was only following the plans he had), Nick (the plumber who had to come disconnect/reconnect our sink every time they tried to install the countertops), and Magda (who finally ended up project managing this about halfway through and was the first person who was actually responsive and tried to do damage control after the fact). We also found out that the original person who was in charge of our project was fired during the course of things due to other similar problems like this.

Bordner Home Solutions

Thank you for your very detailed and candid review. As an organization, we try really hard to do what is right by our customers in all cases, and there have been times in which we have fallen short. We are very sorry for your experience. We have since started some new procedures and policies that...