Replacing home windows is an important decision. Although this is one of the simplest home remodels, the impact on the appearance, performance, and value of your home is nothing short of remarkable. If you’re having some trouble choosing the best windows for your home, following these will help you make a choice that you will feel great about for many years. 

1. Know Your Window Style Options.

Your first instinct might be to go with the same window style that you already have, but now is the perfect time to rethink your needs. Do you want more natural lighting? Ventilation? Curb-appeal? There are many window styles out there, so take some time to learn about each before you make your final decision. Some of the most popular window styles include:

  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Bow and Bay Windows
  • Slider Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Garden Windows

2. Select the Best Design.

Once you have chosen the best window style, next you can settle on the finer points of your window’s design. These include frame color, trim color, glass patterns and grids, window shape, and hardware. If you don’t have the best eye for design, consider working with a window installation company that provides professional design consultations. 

3. Get the Energy Performance You Need.

Not all windows are the same. If you want to lower your energy costs while maintaining a steady indoor temperature, look for energy efficient windows that offer these features:

  • ENERGY STAR Rating
  • Low-Emissivity Glass
  • Gas Filled Chambers
  • Triple Pane Glass

4. Choose a Durable and Low Maintenance Material.

You should only have to replace your home’s windows once or twice in your lifetime if you choose the right materials. You can choose from wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl windows. Each material has its positive features and drawbacks, but vinyl windows are one of the most popular choices. Vinyl windows are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to damage from weather and pests.

5. Find the Right Window Installation Company.

Even the best windows will fail if they are not installed properly, so it’s important that you find the best window installation company in your area. To ensure that you get the best quality, value, and customer service possible, look for a company that is:

  • Listed with the Better Business Bureau
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • A Recipient of Positive Reviews or Service Awards

Replacing your windows can do a lot for your home, and hopefully these steps will make that process simpler. For more assistance, reach out to Bordner Home Improvement to learn about our vinyl windows, energy efficient windows, and professional window installation. Get a free quote and professional design consultation!