There are numerous home-remodeling projects available to homeowners, but one of the most popular places to focus on is the bathroom. This is largely because bathrooms tend to deteriorate quickly, especially when they're old and poorly maintained. Another reason that bathroom remodel projects are so common is that there are so many upgrades and renovation ideas to choose from. Bathroom remodeling projects can be complicated and expensive, or quick and affordable—with a whole range of options in between.

That said, a bathroom renovation can take a long time or a short one, depending on what you're doing to improve the space. Your bathroom contractor will help you determine how long your particular project will take, considering your budget, plans, and other factors.

While it's impossible to say how long your bathroom renovation will take without knowing the details, we can give you an estimate based on the type of remodel you're considering. Take a look at this guide to bathroom remodeling from our experts at Bordner Home Improvement to get a good idea of what to expect for each type of remodeling project.

Evaluating Your Timeframe

If you're planning a standard bathroom remodel, this could mean a range of different types of projects with different times of completion. For example, you could be simply replacing the tub or shower areas with newer products and materials, or doing a full-scale bathroom overhaul to change the entire layout completely. Needless to say, a smaller project will take less time, while a larger project that changes the plumbing and tears down walls will take a lot longer. Here's another breakdown of other factors to consider that will affect the length of your project:

  • Cosmetic Remodel: If your remodel is more cosmetic in nature, then you're likely to experience a simpler shorter project. On the other hand, a complete rebuild will take much longer.
  • DIY or Professional Remodeling: Many homeowners consider doing it themselves, especially if the project is cosmetic in nature. This can be a great project for a novice homeowner as long as it's a simple one, like replacing the fixtures—which can take no time at all. However, for larger projects, expert bath remodelers usually take far less time to complete projects than homeowners will. This is due to a lack of experience and lack of time available to complete a project on schedule.
  • Professional Contractors: There's a big difference between a contractor that does everything on their own and one that subcontracts electricians and plumbers. A solo contractor may be cheaper, but they likely have multiple jobs, which means that even a perfectly scheduled plan is difficult to follow. Choose one that has the resources needed to keep the project rolling along in a timely manner, with excellent reviews to back up their work.
  • Material Availability: Without new materials, the project can't get started. The easiest way to prevent this from being an obstacle is to stick to readily available materials. If you have to special order your materials, then you're waiting that much longer.

Ballpark Estimate: Full Bathroom Renovations

Once you've answered these pertinent questions, you can get at least a ballpark estimate of how long the project will take to complete. In general, a full, traditional bathroom renovation—where everything inside the bathroom is replaced and rejuvenated—might take around 23 working days to complete, under the most ideal circumstances. Keep in mind that this is an estimate that is highly flexible, and will depend on all of the above factors (and others). This means that on average, you can expect a full bathroom remodel to take about a month and a half or longer in actual time. If problems like downtime or unexpected developments occur you could be looking at double the time spent before your new bathroom is ready.

Make it a One-Day Remodel

At this point, you're likely wondering if there's a better way. Unless you have multiple bathrooms available to you, waiting up to three months for your new bathroom just isn't ideal. Fortunately, there is another option—the one-day bath. As long as you aren't doing a complete renovation, i.e. stripping down to the studs or redoing the electrical work, then you're in luck.

With a one-day bath, the crew is literally in and out within a day. This is accomplished through the use of a special technique that uses exact measurements, custom-fit products, and fast installation methods. Some of the most popular changes with this option include:

  • Bathtub Replacement
  • Tub-to-Shower Conversion
  • Shower Replacement
  • Wet Area Renovation
  • Wall Surround Installations
  • And more!

How Does a One-Day Installation Work?

The path to a successful one-day bathroom remodel is a simple one. In this section, we've outlined the steps for your consideration:

  • Step One: Choose a bathroom contractor that offers one-day remodels. Not all of them do. Find the one that offers the best rates and has the highest ratings, and that can back their work with warranties on both the installation and products.
  • Step Two: Schedule your free, in-home design consultation and estimate. This is the step where measurements are taken and the materials/designs are chosen.
  • Step Three: Installation is completed in one day on the agreed-upon installation date.

Bathroom Remodel with Bordner Home Improvement

At Bordner Home Improvement, we proudly offer traditional remodeling options and one-day bath remodeling for our customers. From bathtub replacements to shower enclosure transformations, we provide fast and dramatic results at affordable prices for our customers seeking better bathrooms. Our customers know they can count on our team for:

  • Expert Installation
  • Many Design Options
  • Accurate Price Quotes
  • Flexible Financing
  • Impressive Warranties

Ready for a new bathroom? Give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional bathroom remodel services or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home estimate and design consultation to get started now.