As a homeowner, it’s important to take good care of your home. Most areas that need improvement are rather obvious. For example, if your siding is cracked or damaged, you will probably take notice. If your plumbing is out of whack, you’ll likely fix things right away. 

What about your windows? If you’re like many, neglecting your home’s windows is an easy thing to do, but there are things to look for if we are made aware. What are your windows trying to tell you? 

I’m Drained of Energy. 

On average, up to 25 percent of your home’s heat escapes through drafty or otherwise inefficient windows. Do you notice a draft on those cold winter days? Do you notice that certain rooms in the home are cooler or hotter than others? Your windows might be trying to tell you that they are “feeling drained,” and if the problem isn’t solved quickly, your bank account could be drained too! 

My Old Age is Wearing Me Down. 

Are your windows more than 20 years old? If so, then your windows are probably a little worse for the wear. The structures of your window might not function as well as they used to, and you could be dealing with some “cracks” and “wrinkles” as well. Chipped paint and other signs of decay can lead to costly repairs or replacements when left unnoticed. 

I’m Feeling Stuck. 

When was the last time you tried to open and close all of the windows in your home? Older windows often become “stuck” and unable to function as well as they used to. A window that does not fully open or shut not only leads to greater energy waste and rising bills for you, this can become a safety hazard that makes your home more susceptible to intrusion and blocks an emergency exit. 

I Can’t Regulate My Temperature. 

If your windows feel warm to the touch on a hot day or cool to the touch on a cold day, then this is yet another sign that you are losing tons of money each year on heating and cooling costs. You might want to consider investing in ENERGY STAR-rated windows for much-improved energy efficiency and longevity. 

It’s Too Noisy in Here. 

Homes that are located on busy streets are often bombarded by traffic noise and other intrusive sounds. If you’re tired of dealing with noise pollution in your home, then looking to your windows might offer the solution you need. For the best protection, look for insulated windows with a high STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 20 or greater. 

Don’t Look at Me. 

Sometimes your windows are just plain outdated looking or otherwise unattractive. You can greatly improve the curb-appeal of your home with replacement windows, and you might even consider a new style like a garden window, bay window, or slider window. Now’s the chance to give your home a makeover simply and affordably! 

I Deserve the Best! 

As the saying goes, your home is your castle. Why not treat your home to the best by taking a closer look at what your windows are trying to communicate—then find a reliable and cost-effective solution. 

If your Colorado Springs windows are shouting at you, then it might be time to find a reputable remodeling crew that offers the best products and value possible. Bordner Home Improvement offers quality replacement windows in Coral Springs for most any style and budget, and our dedication to superior service makes us a Colorado Springs window installation company you can trust!