Are your windows not letting in the light the way they should? Before you look into window replacement options, it’s worth seeing if some TLC in the form of a good window cleaning makes a difference.  And before you storm out of the room at the thought of spending an entire day scrubbing with newspaper and glass cleaner, know that there’s a better way! Your favorite replacement window company in Colorado Springs has compiled the perfect how-to guide for cleaning windows in no time! 

Our Replacement Window Experts Share Their Secrets!

According to the replacement window experts here at Bordner Home Improvement, the best way to keep your windows clean is to do the job twice a year. That way, you’ll only need to give them a quick wipe-down, and the job won’t have to take you hours. But how do the installers at our Colorado Springs replacement window company do the job? Read on to find out!

  • Our Colorado replacement window experts want to underscore the importance of using the proper tools. Have a quality squeegee, a large bucket, some dish soap, a sponge and/or strip applicator, a chamois, and a rag ready to go.
  • Fill your bucket with warm water and add a squirt of dish soap (the fewer suds the better). Wet your strip applicator and scrub your window panes.
  • Get out that squeegee and use our Colorado Springs window company’s tried-and-true technique! Start at a top corner and work your way down in an “s” pattern. Make sure to wipe your squeegee clean with a lint-free rag between strokes!
  • Dry any remaining water with your chamois, using a separate rag to wipe down your windowsill. 

While these steps are likely to work for standard picture windows or any window with large frames, things can get a bit more complicated when cleaning multi-pane windows. Our replacement window experts suggest trimming your squeegee to a size a ¼ inch smaller than the pane to get the same quality clean. And rather than using a strip applicator to do the cleaning, simply use a sponge! 

Are your windows still looking foggy, cracked, or old? It’s probably time to invest in new windows. In Colorado Springs, homeowners trust the experienced experts at Bordner Home Improvement for all their window replacement and installation needs! We’ll give you a free in-home estimate and review the best window replacement options for your requirements and budget. Call today and see why over 97% of our customers would recommend us to friends and family!