Unlike many smaller-scale home improvements, window replacement is something you’ll probably do only once or twice in your entire life. Unless you happen to work in the industry, you probably don’t keep up with the ever-changing technology—making it hard to choose the right Colorado Springs replacement windows when the time eventually comes. 

If you’re trying to sort through the many choices available, there’s no need to stress. Just read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of two of the most popular replacement window materials: fiberglass and vinyl

Choosing Between Fiberglass and Vinyl Windows in Colorado Springs

Fiberglass and vinyl windows vary on one main point: Fiberglass windows are made of fiberglass, and vinyl windows are made of vinyl. Very obvious, right? However, it’s important to understand that those aren’t the only differences between these two window types

Here are a few ways that fiberglass and vinyl windows differ:

  • Vinyl windows—even the higher-end lines—are undoubtedly the more cost-effective of the two Colorado Springs window installation services
  • Although some vinyl windows do mimic the look of real wood, fiberglass windows tend to do so more faithfully. However, due to their manufacturing process, fiberglass windows also come in a much smaller selection of sizes and shapes.
  • Vinyl windows have superior sound insulation, for any homeowner who values a quiet interior.
  • Because fiberglass is a newer technology, there are fewer providers on the market. Vinyl, on the other hand, has many reputable and long-established brands that you can trust.
  • Vinyl windows are effectively maintenance-free, while fiberglass windows frequently require painting or other touch-ups over time.

Fiberglass vs. Vinyl: The Right Choice Is Yours

Ultimately, the decision toward vinyl or fiberglass windows will depend on each individual homeowner. While some residents value affordability above all, others will prefer using a new form of window like fiberglass.

In the same way, not all fiberglass or vinyl windows in Colorado Springs are equal! Even windows of the seemingly same material can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, the installation process, and the glass package that comes with the frame. All this points to one fact: The right window choice is a personal preference. There’s no obvious, one-size-fits-all winner—or else everyone in the world would have the same type of window! 

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